The Bob & Chris Show

The Bob&Chris Show – Live from Greensboro

Topic: Live from SETA/NCETA

Date: March 8, 2011 – 1:00PM to 2:00PM

Join Bob&Chris as they chat with important people at the SETA/NCETA Conference in Greensboro.

SETA (Southeastern Employment and Training Association) and NCETA (North Carolina Employment and Training Association) have joined forces this year to create a mega Spring Conference.

Videos of the Live Broadcast

  1. Dr. Mark Perkins interview
  2. Crystal interview
  3. Harry interview
  4. Valarie interview
  5. Gail Parsons – PLTW interview
  6. Erika Sklennik & Katie Hursey interview
  7. Chris&Bob at the end of the show

Interviews with Workforce Development Board Members

  1. Pete Story
  2. Pat Canary
  3. Jeanette Ard
  4. Reggie Murphy
  5. Randy Sexton
  6. Carlton Burroughs
  7. David Stephens
  8. Catherine Moody

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